Better Bola, Smarter Companion, and More in the Never Alone v1.2 PC Patch!

Takunasaarnakuni! (Long time no see!)

It’s almost winter here in the Pacific Northwest, which makes it the perfect time to stay inside, keep warm, and play Never Alone with a friend, family member, or fox!

We’ve been hard at work on more improvements to the game in the past few weeks — based on feedback from fans, comments from reviewers, and our own wish lists. We wanted to get this update to the PC version to world before winter in North America officially begins and the endless blizzard returns.

Tonight’s PC update (v1.2) includes the following improvements:

1) Bola throws are more accurate for both mouse and gamepad, and are now aimed where Nuna’s arm is pointing
2) Many more minor improvements for the AI character in single-player mode
3) In single-player mode, if Nuna and Fox don’t move for a few seconds, the active character will glow to highlight who is currently controlled
4) Blizzard gusts in the early levels are less punishing
5) Nuna will encounter fewer issues with pushing and pulling objects
6) Improvements for characters getting stuck in some spots
7) Updates for a range of minor bugs across all levels

To our Console players, stay tuned in the next two weeks for a major patch to the PS4 and XB1 versions of the game that is inclusive of the updates from both PC patches plus a whole lot more!

Please refer to the Update Notes for additional details and instructions:

Update Notes FAQ Link

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Never Alone. It means a lot to the entire team and the Alaska Native Community.
Sayakturutchiaq! (Cheers!)

The Never Alone Team

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