Project Updates

Shapeshifters roam the tundra in many Alaska Native stories.

What we’ve been up to: PS3, Linux and more

We took to social media to announce a flurry of news and updates over the Holiday Season. In case you were too busy celebrating to follow our every Twitter move, here are the highlights: New Platforms (PS3 and Linux/SteamOS) We released the PS3 edition of Never Alone back in December. It’s available now in the Playstation Store.  […]

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Foxtales DLC and bundles now available

Never Alone: Foxtales, our first DLC expansion, is now available. Owners of the original game can get the DLC for their platform of choice: Steam (Mac and PC) Xbox One PlayStation 4 In conjunction with the DLC release, we’ve also launched the Never Alone Arctic Collection bundle for Steam and PlayStation 4, featuring the original  […]

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Making Foxtales

When we started to work on Never Alone: Foxtales, we knew we wanted to explore another story in the Alaska Native tradition, and to once again do it in partnership with the community. We also wanted to build on the elements of the original game that players really responded to with more complex and varied  […]

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Announcing Never Alone: Foxtales

Today, we’re excited to announce the return of Nuna and Fox in a project we’ve been working on for the past few months — Never Alone: Foxtales, the first expansion to the original Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), and it’s coming July 28 to PS4, Xbox One and Steam. If you followed the development of Never  […]

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