Never Alone Featured at TGS and EGX

While the team is hard at work putting the final touches on Never Alone as the November 18th launch date edges closer, we made sure to give our international fans some love at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and the Eurogamer Expo London (EGX).


Never Alone Developer at TGS

Though the main focus at TGS is on Japanese games, Nuna and Fox were included in the Sony Computer Entertainment Premium Lounge, a special invite-only area of Sony’s TGS booth, as well as the IndieStream FES 2014 party, courtesy of Unity Japan.  Press and gamers got to play Never Alone on PlayStation 4 and PC.

We’re honored that Never Alone was recognized by one of the largest game media outlets in Japan – – as the Indie Sector Grand Prize winner game at TGS!

We also spent four days at EGX London demoing Never Alone in the Rezzed Hall – a portion of the show devoted solely to indie games – and in the Virgin Media section. We demoed two preview levels of Never Alone, and were blown away by the positive response we got from the crowd.

We left EGX with a whole host of new fans, as well as “Best Indie Game” Award from Sticktwiddlers in our pocket.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for info on where we’re heading next!  Here’s a hint – if you’re in the Los Angeles area, think about attending IndieCade 2014 next weekend!

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