UPDATE: Never Alone Launch Date Changed to November 18th

Some of you may have noticed, the launch date for all three platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) has been changed to November 18th in recent articles and on the Never Alone website.

The team lobbied for this change because it gives them the additional time to make the absolute best game that they can, even though a two week delay keeps us from getting the game to you when we originally promised.

The pace of development over the past month has been nothing short of astounding and we won’t be satisfied delivering a good game… or even a really good game.  We want this game to be great. We want it to be a reflection of all the heart and passion that has been poured into the project by both the development team and the broader Alaska Native community.  And making things great sometimes takes a little more time than expected.

The enthusiasm and support of our fans has kept this project moving forward from the very beginning, and we look forward to delivering a great game to you!

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