What we’ve been up to: PS3, Linux and more

We took to social media to announce a flurry of news and updates over the Holiday Season. In case you were too busy celebrating to follow our every Twitter move, here are the highlights:

New Platforms (PS3 and Linux/SteamOS)

We released the PS3 edition of Never Alone back in December. It’s available now in the Playstation Store.

Also in December, we released both the original game and the Foxtales DLC  for Linux and SteamOS. If you’ve previously purchased the game through Steam, the Linux/SteamOS version is automatically unlocked for you, and, of course, you can purchase the Linux edition now via Steam.

With these releases, we’re proud to say that Never Alone is now available for a total of 8 great gaming platforms: PC, Mac, Linux/SteamOS, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii U and Nvidia Shield/Android TV.

New Ways to Buy

We’ve continued to work on making Never Alone available through new partners and storefronts to create more ways for gamers to get the game. In the closing months of 2015, this included a couple of notable additions:

  • The Never Alone Arctic Collection (containing the original game, Foxtales DLC and soundtrack) is now available in a DRM-free edition from GoG.com. We know many of our fans were asking for a DRM-free version of the game and we were glad to oblige!
  • We’re pleased to announce that the Mac version of the Arctic Collection is now  available directly through the Mac App Store. We’re particularly excited about this release because we think it represents an opportunity for folks who don’t play a ton of games to discover Never Alone — so if you know any Mac users who you think would enjoy the adventures of Nuna and Fox, please send them our way via the App Store!

PS Vita Edition Cancelled

In January, we announced the cancellation of the planned PS Vita edition of the game. When we first shared our plans to release on the PS3 and Vita over the summer, we were confident we could deliver a great experience on both platforms based on the substantial development work we had done up to that point. As sometimes happens when porting a game to a platform it wasn’t originally planned to support, we ran into some Vita-specific technical challenges as we got deeper into the process that we just weren’t able to overcome.

We know many Vita enthusiasts were excited by our initial announcement and were looking forward to the game being available on their platform of choice. We’re sorry we won’t be able to make the game available for the Vita, especially after announcing that we would.

One More Thing


Nuna, Fox and the rest of our team are working on a few things right now. We’re not quite ready to share details yet, but expect some news in the next few weeks. We’d tease you a little more, but Foxtales taught us the importance of respecting all living creatures.

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