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Beware of wolves and bears in the Arctic.

Never Alone: The Kotaku Review

When was the last time a video game told you about a whole other culture? Took you somewhere remote you'd only heard about in passing, and let the people who've lived there speak to you in a generations-old voice? Never Alone does that all-too-rare thing and does it very well. Read Full Article

In “Never Alone” Native Alaskans explore the future of oral tradition

It takes the traditions of a people not celebrated in the global spotlight and holds them aloft, confident in their intrinsic value. I’ve never enjoyed another title that seems to carry the dignity and hopes of a community upon its shoulders. And I can scarcely think of a better recent title for parents to play with young children. Read Full Article

Never Alone review: Into the storm

One word sticks with me after finishing Never Alone: respect. This game is full of it. Respect for the Iñupiat, respect for nature and animals, respect for the things we can't control, and respect for those who try to change their community for the better. Never Alone respects not only these ideas, but it holds video games in the same regard, as demonstrated by the care clearly put into the mechanics, story and flow of the game. Never Alone is a glimpse into the real lives of Alaska Natives, and it's a peek at a different kind of fairy tale. Read Full Article

A beautiful, fascinating exploration of a world that may soon be nothing more than fantasy.

Working with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Upper One Games has assembled a marvelous tribute to the Iñupiaq tribes people who reside in northern Alaska, in which videos about native customs are unlocked as you progress through the campaign's eight chapters. “Unlocking” is too bleak and unfeeling a word, though – what you're doing is reclaiming, rescuing the fragments of a way of life that's melting away into the ocean, in order to shore up the sense of fellowship that's boldly insisted upon by the game’s title. Read Full Article

Never Alone is a Harrowing Journey Into the Folklore of Alaska Natives

Iñupiat principles include coexistence between humans and wildlife, respect for nature, one another, and one’s elders (basically forging social systems that don’t harm the world), sharing food, songs, dance, and stories on a communal level, and cultivating a spiritual connection with the land. In short, community-informed selflessness. I learned all this from playing Never Alone, and I had a great time doing it. Read Full Article

Never Alone Review – Tradition for a New Generation

Never Alone is one of the most solid and heartfelt games I’ve had the pleasure of playing all year. It builds tension in the all correct spots, offers a heart-wrenching but enchanting story, and forces you to often think quickly and critically about your next move through an endless series of engaging puzzles. It’s a game, a history lesson, and an enlightening experience all wrapped in a beautifully crafted entity. With a run time of around 4-6 hours, Never Alone is a game you’ll want to play, then play again. Then, perhaps, play again with friends. It’s a timeless story that will engulf both casual and well-versed gamers, and at $14.99, there’s certainly no reason to say no. Read Full Article

Eurogamer Review: 10 out of 10!

Never Alone is the result of a collaboration between some gaming industry veterans, an educational group, and actual Alaskan Natives. Just writing that is surreal to me, something I never thought could happen. That alone should be cause for celebration, but Never Alone is also stunningly poignant - and quite brilliant. Read Full Article