The Art of Never Alone

You may have wondered about the beautiful art of Never Alone.

The visual look and feel of the game are the inspiration of Dima Veryovka, our art director. Dima hails from the Ukraine and grew up in a family of artists. He studied indigenous art (including the art of the peoples from the Arctic circle) in school and earned his Masters degree in Fine Arts (MFA) in St. Petersburg.

After spending some time working in the toy business, Dima transitioned to video games and spent nearly a decade at Zipper Interactive as a character and lead artist working on the SOCOM series.

After Zipper, Dima felt passionately that he wanted to create something with more personal meaning – a game that could allow him to explore new art styles that were not traditionally used in video games.

Never Alone was the perfect project for him! He could leverage his love of Alaska Native art, partner with artists and elders from the Alaska Native community and create a new style of visual presentation that was innovative and wonderful but still felt faithful to the original inspirations – the painting, sculpture, scrimshaw and crafts of the Inupiat people.

Let us know what you think of the art style of Never Alone!

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