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Shapeshifters roam the tundra in many Alaska Native stories.

The stories of Alaska Native people

The story of Kunuuksaayuka is only one of many, many stories that have been handed down in a vibrant oral storytelling tradition by Alaska Native people.   If you’d like to read more stories, you might like to explore the following books (they can be hard to find…check your local library or bookstore or an  […]

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The Art of Never Alone

You may have wondered about the beautiful art of Never Alone. The visual look and feel of the game are the inspiration of Dima Veryovka, our art director. Dima hails from the Ukraine and grew up in a family of artists. He studied indigenous art (including the art of the peoples from the Arctic circle)  […]

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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our new website – we plan to use this blog to share the latest news on the game and spark discussion about inclusive development and the broader World Games movement. Let us know what you’d like to see covered here – ask us questions and suggest topics! We’re excited to get to know  […]

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